Your sleeping position could help you with your back pain: Study


New Delhi: Back pain is a common problem in present times, due to hectic schedules and stressful working culture. It is painful, not to mention annoying since you just can’t seem to get yourself into a comfortable position that would curb the pain even by the smallest amount.

Almost two-thirds of the population in the world suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, especially those who have desk jobs.

Trying to sleep with a back pain is definitely a task, but a study has said that your sleeping position could make a world of difference.

According to the Daily Mail, certain positions affect how the blood moves. Here’s what you can do for some common issues we all face.

Painful back: Lie on any side you choose, with your knees bent a little and keep your arms out in front of you.

Acid reflux: Place your arms in front of you and lie on the right side.

Nasal congestion: Do not sleep on your back. Lie on your side with a couple of pillows to hold up your head. This help to…

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