Washington: Giving credence to the theory that the World Bank’s popular ease of doing business (EODB) ranking is not credible and accurate, its chief economist Paul Romer has announced to recalculate the national rankings of business competitiveness going back to at least four years.
The announcement, which has raised several questions on the authenticity of the EODB report, was made by Romer in an interview to The Wall Street Journal in which he made a personal apology to Chile, the ranking of which has come down from 34th in 2014 to 57th in 2017.
“I want to make a personal apology to Chile, and to any other country where we conveyed the wrong impression,” Romer told The wall Street Journal.
Romer’s statement that the national ranking of ease of doing business would be carried for last four years, could have notable impact on India as its ranking jumped from 140 in 2014 to 100 in 2018.
The problems with the report, he said, were “my fault because we did not make things clear…

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