Will Siddaramaiah And Yeddyurappa Really Dare A Contest Of Their Sons?



  1. Varuna has been Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s constituency
  2. This time, his son, a doctor, is running for election from there
  3. I want to run against him, says the son of BJP’s Yeddyurappa

In vying for the top contests of the Karnataka election, the constituency of Varuna in Mysuru is fertile ground.

It’s where voters may be asked to choose between the sons of the two main chief ministerial candidates, BS Yeddyurappa of the BJP and Siddaramaiah of the Congress, who currently represents the area’s 2.15 lakh voters in the state legislature.

On a morning presided over by an ungentle sun, Dr Yathindra Siddaramaiah, whose father is the incumbent Chief Minister, is campaigning just a few kilometres away from his rival, BY Vijayendra of the BJP. Both men are in their 30s; it is the first election for each. While Dr Yathindra has been named the Congress candidate, the BJP has yet to confirm if BY Vijayendra will run from Varuna – he isn’t…

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