Why assembly speakers tend to suffer defeat

BENGALURU: Former speaker KB Koliwad losing to R Shankar, a candidate from KPJP, has not just upset senior Congressman, but also come as a shock to the party. But Koliwad’s defeat is part of a larger pattern of incumbent speakers losing elections.

An analysis of elections shows that seven of the 11 incumbent speakers in the past lost the elections. Incidentally, Kagodu Thimmappa, Koliwad’s predecessor, too lost the election on Tuesday. “I was an active speaker dedicating a lot of my time to the affairs of the house and could not give time to my constituency,” said Koliwad.

Pointing to the trend of speakers losing polls, political observer L Vasudevamurthy said many politicians are even wary of becoming speakers as they think it is a jinx. “The classic case is that of Jagadish Shettar who fought not to become the speaker, before succumbing to party pressure,” he said.

But Shettar, along with BJP’s SM Krishna, are part of a different pattern: both went on to become…

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