Who watches a Salman Khan film?

Written by Sampada Sharma
| New Delhi |
Published: June 14, 2018 6:40:04 pm

The audience for a Salman Khan film isn’t specific to a particular city or state, it is massy in the true sense of the word.

Salman Khan isn’t just an actor who works in Hindi movies. He is a brand, a movie genre and a public icon all rolled into one. Every few months, there is a new film that stars Salman in the lead role and we are way past the point where those films are judged for any bit of art they might carry. They are defined by the statement – It’s a Salman Khan film. That one statement tells the viewer what the film is about, what one should expect from it and what you will experience in the theatre.

We ask why? Who watches a Salman Khan film?

Since Wanted in 2009, Salman’s career saw a resurrection that could not have…

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