When Karnataka BJP Jumped The Gun With BS Yeddyurappa Swearing-In Tweet

Bengaluru:  At 8.31 pm today, a tweet put out by the official handle of the Karnataka BJP said the party’s chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa would be sworn in tomorrow. The post also had a time — 9.30 am. Except, there had been no official communication from the Raj Bhawan by then.

Karnataka BJP’s tweet before the governor’s invite to BS Yeddyurappa

As news channels flashed the information quoting the Karnataka BJP, the tweet was deleted moments later.

Another tweet in Kannada by BJP lawmaker Suresh Kumar at 7.56 pm, which too had made a similar claim, was deleted as well.

suresh kumar tweet

BJP lawmaker Suresh Kumar’s tweet before governor’s official intimation

BJP lawmaker Murugesh Nirani told NDTV he had got a call to be at the Raj Bhavan tomorrow at 8.30am. Those remarks came even as Raj Bhawan sources said there had been no official word yet.

The anticipation to Yeddyurappa’s swearing-in had been building up earlier today in the BJP camp. Long before polling…

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