Want to avoid food wastage? Eat at home, suggests study


New Delhi: According to a first-of-its-kind study, eating at home may reduce food wastage in comparison with dining out.

The study, which followed the daily eating habits of adults, found that the same people who on average left just three percent of their food on their plates when choosing their own meals, left almost 40 percent behind when given a standard boxed-lunch type of meal.

Plate waste at home was 3.5 percent higher when diners went for second or third serving, researchers said.

What we leave behind on our plates is the primary focus of efforts to reduce food waste, and this study shows that it is potentially more important to concentrate on other conservation measures at home, including using up food before it spoils, said Brian Roe from The Ohio State University in the US.

Prior research typically has focused on “plate waste” in settings such as school cafeterias and buffets and has found much greater waste – from about seven per cent at an all-you-can-eat pizza…

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