US Discusses Implication Of India's S-400 Triumf Deal With Russia

Washington:  The US is seeking help from India and other counties in identifying and avoiding engagement with Russia in what it sees as a potentially sanctionable activity, a senior US official has said amid New Delhi’s plan to purchase air defence missile systems from Moscow.

US President Donald Trump in August 2017, signed the Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanction Act or CAATSA that imposes sanctions on a country or utility for any significant purchase of military equipment from Russia.

India is planning to buy five S-400 Triumf air defense systems for around $4.5 billion from Russia, which US officials say could be considered as a significant military purchase.

Provisions of the CAATSA threaten India and several other allies of the US with sanctions.

“We’ve discussed CAATSA with the Government of India just as we have discussed it with others who might be contemplating defense system purchases from the Russians. We want to work with all of our…

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