Uber joins hands with Centre to drive road safety awareness

PUNE: As part of its ongoing efforts to encourage road safety awareness, Uber will be jointly promoting road safety messaging on the Uber app and social media through Ministry of Road Transport & Highways co-branded materials and mediums.

Several advertisements and videos targeting prevention of drunk driving and promotion of rear seat belts and hands on the wheel among other themes, will be prepared and disseminated across the country as part of this safety campaign.

Another key initiative towards impacting road safety awareness and education among lakhs of budding drivers both on and off the Uber app is the decision to jointly develop learning aids and informational tools that shall guide the driver training program in driving schools across the country. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and Uber will jointly be preparing the learning materials which will be shared and utilised by over 200 driving schools including many of the govt’s Drivers Training…

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