Uber And Lyft Suspend Driver Who Secretly Livestreamed Passengers


Uber and Lyft last weekend suspended a driver who secretly live-streamed hundreds of passengers on the video platform Twitch, according to a report. In Missouri, where the rides took place, only one party needs to give permission to record, which means the taping was legal. But the recordings raise serious ethical questions about the driver’s behavior.

Nearly all of the driver’s 700 rides in the St. Louis area were recorded online, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Several passengers contacted by the newspaper said they did not know their rides had been live-streamed, the Post-Dispatch reported, and they said they would not have given the driver permission to record them if they had known.

The recordings and suspension highlight pressing questions about consumer privacy and consent. Missouri is among the states that require only one party to consent to recordings. Only 11 states mandate that everyone involved in a recording give their consent for it to be lawful, including…

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