Trump "Seeking Nuclear War" With New Policy: North Korean Institute

North Korea:  US President Donald Trump is “seeking nuclear war” through a controversial new push to revamp America’s nuclear arsenal, an institute attached to North Korea’s foreign ministry said Tuesday.

The Pentagon’s so-called Nuclear Posture Review, unveiled last week, outlined plans to develop new low-yield atomic weapons – a move it said was necessary to confront a worsening security climate and in response to actions taken by Russia and China.

The review marked the first time since 2010 that the US military has spelled out how it foresees nuclear threats in the coming decades, and has triggered accusations that Mr Trump’s administration is seeking to lower the threshold for a nuclear strike.

Moscow has slammed the policy as “bellicose” and “anti-Russian” while China has called Washington’s assessments of its nuclear intentions “wild guesses” and Iran accused the United States of bringing the world “closer to annihilation”. 

North Korea’s state news…

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