Train traveller snores, passengers force him to stay awake

MUMBAI: A commuter on a long-distance train was given a “sound” punishment by a group of fellow passengers for snoring loudly and disturbing their sleep.
The bizarre incident took place last week in a 3rd AC coach of LTT-Darbhanga Pawan Express when passengers found the snoring of a fellow traveller so offending that they all decided not to let him sleep for certain hours so that they could catch up with their sleep.

As a punishment, the offending passenger, identified only as Ramchandra, was made to stay awake five to six hours by fellow travellers so that they could sleep. A heated argument over the issue also took place between the two sides.

Ganesh S Virha, Chief Ticket Inspector of the Jabalpur division of the West Central Railway, confirmed the incident.

Virha, who boarded the train in Jabalpur, said the snoring passenger, Ramchandra, did not feel offended by the “punishment” given to him by his co-travellers.

Hence, he did not file…

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