New Delhi: 


  1. States want a fixed share of promotions in government jobs for SC/STs
  2. 5-judge constitution bench to review the policy
  3. Earlier, top court wanted proof of inadequacies of representation

Five judges of the Supreme Court will decide whether the most backward of castes — scheduled caste and tribes (SC/ST), should be guaranteed a share of promotions in government jobs. The constitution bench will begin hearing the case soon, though a date has not yet been fixed.

To compensate for decades of discrimination, backward castes are entitled to a share of government jobs. In February, the Supreme Court cancelled a move by Karnataka to extend affirmative action policies to promotions. Similar plans by other states have also been overruled with courts stating that states must first look at how these policies are currently being implemented and whether inadequacies in representation are being overcome without compromising efficiency in…

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