Tips for men: Things men must never do in a relationship


Dear men, when you are in love, you understand no bounds. Make your lady feel special, for she may turn out to be your significant other in due course.

Being in a relationship feels great, especially, when you find that someone special of your dreams. However, the ‘honeymoon’ period doesn’t last for long. The duration of a relationship is directly proportional to your interest and commitment level. And hence it is very important for you to make sure the spark doesn’t diminish.

Here are a few things you mustn’t do in a relationship. These will help you nurture the bond with your ladylove even better.

Do not poke fun at her appearance

Your lady might not be able to groom herself 24 x 7. It’s beyond human capacity to keep looking good all day, unless of course a person doesn’t really have anything else to do in life! So, on a given day, if you’re beloved doesn’t look the way you want her to, then do not comment. Tell her she is beautiful no matter what. Remember…

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