This Valentine’s Day, let’s say ‘time’s up’ to these film stereotypes on love

Written by Ashameera Aiyappan
| Chennai |
Updated: February 14, 2018 3:06 pm

From Sethu to Remo, there have been various representations.

There is a light breeze that gives the falling leaves a direction. A man is standing on the road, most probably leaning on a bike. It takes a few minutes, but he notices her. Her dupatta flies in his direction with precision. He pushes it away, sees her face and falls in love. Sounds similar? This is probably the ‘introduction scene’ most of our romantic films have. The dupatta might now and then become a saree, but the scene never changes. We have been fans of the same too. They might have made sense in the time these films came. Our films have evolved and so have we. Those tropes have had their time, we should give them a rest. Invoking the power of the Supreme Lord of humour to save me, here are…

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