This Indian-Origin Man Sued Mark Zuckerberg For "Stealing" His Idea

New Delhi:  “You stole our idea” – the words echoed at a distance but caught his attention as he was busy drawing doodles on a note pad. He was physically there, but seemed pensive, elsewhere. His thoughts were back at his makeshift office at Harvard, where a tiny team working out of his dorm room in Kirkland House was busy writing endless pages of code. A code that set up a company worth tens of billions of dollars today – one that keeps us all hooked on to our phones – Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg glanced up to see Divya Narendra looking him in the eye, sitting two chairs to his right on the other side of the table. He suddenly found everyone staring at him, waiting for a response perhaps. There was a deafening silence in the conference room. Mark Zuckerberg was being sued for “stealing” the very idea of Facebook.

The people who were suing him were his seniors from Harvard – Divya Narendra, Cameron Winklevoss and his brother Tyler Winklevoss.

In December…

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