The term gender equality is a cliche: Pad Man maker R. Balki

By: IANS |
Published: February 7, 2018 4:50 pm

PadMan heads to theater on February 9.

All humans are equal and there’s no reason to be loud about one specific gender, says acclaimed filmmaker R. Balki, whose “Pad Man” — about a man focused on women’s menstrual hygiene — is releasing on Friday.

Whether it was “Paa” or “Ki & Ka”, Balki has always projected women characters as exceptionally strong, and without having the tag of a “woman-centric” film.

Asked if that is his way of celebrating feminism and gender equality, Balki told IANS: “I think the term gender equality is a cliche. People are equal. Whether it is rich or poor, black or white, man or woman, and people with different beliefs — we are equal.

Pointing out that a relationship is about the dynamics between two people, Balki said society tends to stereotype the…

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