New Delhi: The recognition of the world’s heaviest bony fish ever caught actually turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, which has now finally been solved.

A team of Japanese researchers from Hiroshima University have identified and clarified the biological name of the world’s heaviest bony fish ever caught.

As per the researchers, female Mola alexandrini specimen of 2,300 kilogram and 2.72 meter caught off the Japanese coast (Kamogawa, Chiba) in 1996 as the heaviest bony fish ever recorded, and not, as originally thought, Mola mola ocean sunfish species.

Even though, the Guinness World Records lists the world’s heaviest bony fish as Mola mola, lead author Etsuro Sawai explained that the bony fish have skeletons made of bone rather than cartilage, as is the case for sharks or rays.

“The world’s heaviest bony fish that has been actually weighed and recorded to date is a specimen of Mola alexandrini, not Mola mola,” Sawai added, who believes that there could be even bigger…

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