Tarantino clarifies role in Thurman’s ‘Kill Bill’ car crash


Los Angeles: Quentin Tarantino has opened up about his role in Uma Thurman’s car crash on the sets of “Kill Bill”, calling it “the biggest regret” of his life but denied any involvement in hiding the footage from the actor.

The director, in a detailed interview with Deadline, also discussed Thurman’s sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the aftermath of the crash and accusations of cruelty in the star’s recent New York Times story.

“… That is one of the biggest regrets of my life. As a director, you learn things and sometimes you learn them from horrendous mistakes. That was one of my most horrendous mistakes, that I didn’t take the time to run the road, one more time, just to see what I would see,” Tarantino said.

In the article, Thurman had revealed that she suffered severe injuries after she was pressured into driving a stunt car she did not feel comfortable operating.The studio, fearing a lawsuit, allegedly refused to provide Thurman’s lawyer with the…

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