Tamil Nadu Students Make Rs 15,000 Satellite, Possibly World's Smallest


A group of engineering students in Tamil Nadu have made a new experimental satellite which could set a new world record as the world’s lightest and cheapest. The satellite, which can literally fit into the palm of one’s hand, was made at a cost of just Rs 15,000 and weighs slightly lesser than a medium-sized egg. The satellite was developed by four first-year engineering students and is called the ‘Jaihind-1S’. It can be used to gather data about weather conditions.

The Jaihind satellite, shaped like a small four-centimetre cube, will be launched from a NASA facility in August, according to news agency ANI. The Jaihind, which weighs a mere 33.39 grams, achieved its light weight as a result of the decision to 3D-print its outer casing.

According to news agency ANI, the ‘Jaihind’ will be flown on a balloon or rocketed up to the sky by August. After the balloon reaches the desired altitude, the satellite will disengage from the balloon and fall.

The ‘Jaihind’ has the capability…

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