Study finds Indian water reservoirs shrinking, warns taps may run dry soon


London: A new early warning satellite system has revealed that India along with Spain, Morocco and Iraq faces the risk of shrinking reservoirs that can lead to taps going dry.

It has highlighted poor rains in 2017 to show the shrinking of the Indira Sagar dam in Madhya Pradesh and the Sardar Sarovar reservoir in Gujarat that supplies drinking water to millions. 

Shrinking reservoirs could spark the next “day zero” water crisis, according to the developers of a satellite early warning system for the world`s 500,000 dams, the Gaurdian reported on Thursday.

Cape Town grabbed headlines on “day zero”. It launched a countdown to the day when taps would be cut off to millions of residents as a result of a three-year drought. Drastic conservation measures have forestalled that moment in South Africa. 

However, dozens of other countries face similar risks from rising demand, mismanagement and climate change, said the World Resources Institute (WRI).

The US-based environmental organisation…

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