Special Chinese envoy to visit India between March 18-21

NEW DELHI: In the current springtime atmosphere between India and China, India will host a significant Chinese leader this weekend. Song Tao, chief of the international relations department of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will visit India between March 18-21 to meet leaders of different Indian political parties.

Song Tao is certain to meet the leaders of CPM and other Left parties as well as Sonia and Rahul Gandhi of the Congress party. He will also reach out to Amit Shah, president of the ruling BJP, which boasts of having more members on their rolls than the CCP.

Song Tao’s visit is interesting for several reasons.

As chief of the party’s foreign policy department, Song Tao holds a very important place particularly given his closeness to President Xi Jinping. Second, there is speculation in China that as Xi consolidates not only his position but streamlines governance, there is a chance that the international relations department of the Communist party would join…

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