New Delhi: As the search for alien life becomes more intense and reaches newer dimensions with more mysterious, unexplained evidence surfacing, a video has further stumped people by recording strange noises over the Nevada US Air Force base.

The video was posted on YouTube by channel UFO Seekers and has racked up more than 40,000 hits already.

The footage shows two fighter jets flying over the infamous airspace, leaving strange trails as they cut through the Nevada skies at speeds of up to 1,500mph, reports.

However, just as one stealth plane speeds away, a frighteningly loud double thumping sound can be clearly heard.

Conspiracy theories have claimed that the sonic booms show the CIA is secretly testing alien technology or hypersonic aircraft.

As per the Daily Mail, the loud cracking sounds are caused by shock waves produced when aircraft travel faster than the speed of sound.

Some users even reported seeing a burst of flames burst from the plane’s engines.


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