Some provisions of new trafficking Bill are ‘over-broad and vague nature’, says UN experts

GENEVA: Two UN experts expressed their apprehensiveness over the introduction of a Bill on trafficking in persons in Parliament as they believe that the new Bill does not adhere to international human rights law.

“We are gravely concerned about the Bill as presented by the Government to the Indian Parliament on 18 July. Its focus on addressing trafficking from a criminal law perspective is not sufficiently complemented by a human-rights based and victim-centred approach, and this risks further harming already vulnerable individuals,” the UN experts said in a press release by UN Human Rights.

The experts opined that some of the provisions of the new Bill are “over-broad and vague nature” and “could lead to blanket criminalisation of activities that do not necessarily relate to trafficking,” the statement said.

“The proposed Bill seems to promote ‘rescue raids’ by the police, and the institutionalisation of victims in the name of rehabilitation, rather than applying…

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