Shocking: Hospital keeps baby for five months after mother fails to pay bills


In a bizarre move, a hospital decided to detain a baby since birth, after the mother failed to pay the medical bills. 

The incident took place in a private clinic in Central African nation Gabon. 

Baby Angel was born to Sonia Okome over five months. A premature baby, Angel was kept in an incubator for 35 days. 

After the mother was unable to pay the high bill charges of 2 million CFA (Rs 2,41,100), the hospital decided to keep the baby, separating the little one from the mother.

The incident, which shocked many, was covered extensively by the country’s media.

Later, a public campaign to raise money to free the baby as launched on the family’s behalf. Several public figures, including President Ali Bongo, contributed to the bill amount.

After five long months, Baby Angel finally united with her mother. 

Later, the private clinic’s director was arrested on baby-kidnapping charges, but the charges were dropped a day later, reported BBC

The reunion of Baby Angel and Okome has…

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