Security scare at Frankfurt airport delaying Lufthansa flights

NEW DELHI: Passengers flying Lufthansa flights to, from and via Frankfurt can expect delays as a part of the airport’s Terminal 1 had to be shut down for some hours on Tuesday due to a security scare. While the airline said no long haul flight (that include those to and from India) had been canceled, some were delayed. Almost 7,000 passengers have been affected by the delays and cancellations. It is learnt that an unauthorised person had got past the security area.

“The terminal area ‘A & Z’ in the terminal one of Frankfurt Airport has been re-opened since 2:30 pm (local time), the influx of passengers towards the security controls is regulated and managed by the federal German police. Approximately 7,000 passengers are affected. As a result of the deployment, there will be delays and individual cancellations. Some flights had to leave Frankfurt without passengers in order to position aircraft and crews at departure airports outside Frankfurt as quickly as possible. The…

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