Scientists develop new sticky patch to monitor blood sugar in diabetes patients


London: A team of researchers have developed a novel sticky patch which can non-invasively monitor glucose levels in diabetics through the skin. The patch will end the frequent use of painful finger-prick blood tests in diabetes patients.

Instead of piercing the skin to take blood, the patch draws glucose out from fluid between cells across hair follicles, which are individually accessed via an array of miniature sensors using a small electric current.

As per the study, the glucose collects in tiny reservoirs and is measured. Readings can be taken every 10 to 15 minutes over several hours.

The patch does not require calibration with a blood sample – meaning that finger prick blood tests are unnecessary, due to the design of the array of sensors and reservoirs.

The research team from the University of Bath in the UK hope that it can eventually become a low-cost, wearable sensor that sends regular, clinically relevant glucose measurements to the wearer’s phone or smartwatch…

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