Revisiting the Disney 2011 animated film Winnie the Pooh before Christopher Robin

Written by Kshitij Rawat
| New Delhi |
Updated: August 8, 2018 6:30:54 am

In this day and age, when 3D animation, special effects and action are the norm, Winnie the Pooh harkens back to a simpler, more innocent time of the hand-drawn 2D animation.

Winnie the Pooh conjures up the image of a rotund teddy bear dispensing childish (I mean that in the best way possible) wisdom with his belly rumbling with a perpetual hunger for honey… I mean, hunny. The character and the stories set in Hundred Acre Wood were created by AA Milne in the 1920s, but it got global fame only after Disney turned into a franchise about four decades later.

The franchise is getting its first live-action film in a couple of days. Titled Christopher Robin, the film is about the little boy who may or may not have imagined Pooh Bear, Piglet, Tigger and others. The…

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