Remains of UFO discovered after 60 years in London museum with a chilling message


New Delhi: The contents of a cigarette box kept in the archives of London’s Science Museum have revealed the remains of ‘Silpho UFO’ – a flying saucer which has been hailed as the ‘British Roswell’.

In 1957, the ‘miniature UFO’ was discovered Silpho Moor near Scarborough, North Yorkshire. The copper base of the object – which was 16 inches in diameter and weighed 22lbs – was inscribed with hieroglyphs, similar to the wreckage of the UFO that ‘crashed’ at Roswell, New Mexico in June 1947.

The object contained 17 thin sheets made of copper, covered with more hieroglyphs.

According to the, local café owner Phillip Longbottom claimed the hieroglyphics translated into a 2000-word message.

‘You will improve or disappear,’ the chilling message apparently reads. It is claimed that the hieroglyphs were sent by an alien named ‘Ullo’ warning Earth about the danger posed by its nuclear weapons.

Recently discovered by Dr David Clarke of Sheffield Hallam University after he…

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