Rajnath Singh To Lead Ministers' Panel On Mob Violence, Report To PM

New Delhi: 

Home Minister Rajnath Singh will head a ministerial panel to look into new laws to curb incidents of mob lynching, the government announced on Monday. The ministers’ panel will submit its report to Prime Minister Narendra Modi based on the recommendations of a high-level committee led by the Union Home Secretary.

The move comes amid growing alarm over incidents of mob violence and killings across India. The latest one to provoke widespread outrage was in Rajasthan’s Alwar where a man was killed on suspicion of smuggling cattle. The incidents have also fuelled sharp attacks by the opposition on the government in parliament.

The Supreme Court last week had urged the government to enact laws separate to those against murder to act as a deterrent against lynchings, following a series of attacks in which mobs have beaten people to death.

“We think it appropriate to recommend … to parliament to create a separate offence for lynching and provide adequate punishment for the…

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