Rahul Gandhi Meets Muslim Leaders, Addresses "Soft Hindutva" Concerns

New Delhi: 

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday met Muslim intellectuals and is believed to have told them that his party would adopt an inclusive approach for all sections of the society, addressing concerns that it was adopting a “soft-Hindutva” agenda.

Mr Gandhi met the delegation at his home in Delhi and told them that the Congress had no specific agenda for any particular religion or section. It would have an “agenda for all” centred around providing justice, a source told news agency PTI.

The intellectuals told Mr Gandhi that the Muslim community was feeling threatened as the party was now adopting a “soft-Hindutva” approach to win back Hindus who had moved towards the BJP in the last elections, PTI reported.

Mr Gandhi assured them that the party would not compromise on its core ideology and would not allow injustice to anyone. He said that while the BJP’s thought process was of division, the thought process of the Congress was of inclusiveness as it had to take everyone…

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