Puzzled For Years, IITs Find Solution To A Basic Yet Fundamental Problem

New Delhi:  IITs have been trying to find the solution to a basic, yet fundamental problem troubling them for years. The ratio of XX to XY just doesn’t balance, be it in classes, subjects, courses or even campuses across the country.

If you are a student or an alumnus of any of the Indian Institutes of Technology or IIT, you would know that it is not common to find a female student in your class, or perhaps even in a given subject. In fact, if at all, it’s quite rare. IITs, which are not just India’s top engineering institutes, but considered among the best in the world, have one fundamental issue – a very large gender imbalance.

The imbalance is not because of a faulty selection procedure in the country’s premier engineering institutes. Instead, it perhaps highlights a greater concern – the ratio of girls to boys pursuing engineering right from the application stage.

A study conducted by the IITs revealed a few startling facts:

  • For every 5 applications…

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