Prefer dim lighting? It might affect your learning abilities


New Delhi: Stark, bright lights can make anyone uncomfortable and many prefer dim lighting to even medium bright lights.

A study, however, has warned against spending excessive time in dim lighting saying that it may hamper one’s ability to learn by changing the brain’s structure.

Researchers from the Michigan State University (MSU) exposed Nile grass rats to dim light and bright for four weeks before studying the effect on their brains.

The rodents exposed to dim light lost about 30 percent of capacity in the hippocampus, a critical brain region for learning and memory, and performed poorly on a spatial task they had trained on previously.

The rats exposed to bright light, on the other hand, showed significant improvement on the spatial task.

Further, when the rodents that had been exposed to dim light were then exposed to bright light for four weeks (after a month-long break), their brain capacity – and performance on the task – recovered fully.

The study, published in the…

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