Written by Damini Ralleigh
| New Delhi |
Published:November 15, 2017 6:34 pm

Prasoon Joshi says creative people are constructive and want to make a difference in the world through their art. 

What has been the role of words in your life?

I have mostly been a loner and have been writing since I can remember. There is a word in Sanskrit called swantah sukhaya – something that gives happiness to oneself. Words give me happiness. If nothing else, I know I have that and nobody can take that away. But there is also a desire for your work to reach people. I don’t know what the genesis of that desire is but it exists.

What, according to you, differentiates you from other poets, lyricists?

Even when I was searching for my voice, I knew it is important to be authentic. My influences have been different from other people’s, especially those who were born in the cities and brought up on film music. I saw…

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