PM Narendra Modi shares animated video of him doing ‘Padahastasana’ – Watch


New Delhi: Urging the nation to make yoga an essential part of their lives to remain stress-free, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday shared some information about ‘Padahastasana’ by releasing an animated video where he can be seen demonstrating the yoga asana.

‘Pada’ means foot, ‘hastha’ stands for hands, and ‘asana’ means pose. In the post, he talks about the importance of the pose and even shared its benefits. PM Modi took to micro-blogging site Twitter and shared informative video regarding Padahastasana.

”Making Padahastasana a regular part of your lives will make your body healthier and your mind calmer. What more can one ask for!” he tweeted.

Check out the animated video:

The pose helps in tonning the abdominal region by removing extra fat and makes the spine more…

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