New Delhi: 


  1. Pew Survey is American think tank, survey conducted in Feb-March
  2. PM Modi popularity at 88 per cent, Arvind Kejriwal at 39 per cent
  3. Mr Kejriwal’s slide is biggest of all Indian politicians: Pew survey

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is the Indian leader who has taken the greatest hit in public approval in the last year, reports American think tank called the Pew Research Centre.

Mr Kejriwal polled at 39 per cent. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was at 88 per cent. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi scored 58 per cent.

Mr Kejriwal is now less popular than Mr Gandhi’s mother, Sonia Gandhi, who is Congress chief and won 57 per cent.

The survey is based on a sample of about 2,500 people polled between February and March this year.

In 2015, Mr Kejriwal, a former tax official and anti-corruption activist, disrupted Indian politics with superlative force, winning all but three seats in the national capital’s election. Since then, however, he…

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