PM Modi Blames Congress For Partition, Says ''You Divided Nation"

New Delhi: 


  1. PM Narendra Modi launches scathing attack on Congress in Parliament
  2. PM says, country is “still paying for the sins of the Congress”
  3. PM says, for petty gains, even 70 years ago, Congress divided the nation

In a scathing attack on the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi blamed it for Partition today, accusing the party of devoting its energies to “the interests of one family,” while neglecting the interests of the nation. The country, the PM said, is “still paying for the sins of the Congress.” His speech in the Lok Sabha included several barbs at Rahul Gandhi, whose recent elevation as Congress president the Prime Minister described as a “coronation, not an election.”

“Don’t lecture us on democracy. It was your party chief who tore up an ordinance and threw it in the faces of the media… It was your party chief who did not let young leaders get their points of view,” the Prime Minister said, while replying to a motion of…

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