Parents of kids with food allergies aren’t very careful: Survey


New Delhi: A survey conducted by a team of doctors from the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute (JFAI) of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City found that parents of children with food allergies aren’t very careful.

At least one risky behaviour, like not carrying epinephrine autoinjectors or not reading food labels, were reported by almost half of parents who have children with food allergies.

These behaviours are likely due to knowledge gaps and misconceptions, as well as possible financial barriers, according to Dr Julie Wang of JFAI and her colleagues.

Wang’s team conducted the survey to better understand food allergy management behaviours and attitudes in their patients’ households.

”During our patient visits, we routinely counsel families about food allergy management to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. However, we noted that in some cases, our patients experienced allergic reactions that were associated with risk-taking behaviour,” Wang told Reuters Health in an…

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