Pak Army Has "Mastered The Art Of A Non-Coup Coup": Former Top Diplomat

New Delhi:  Pakistan’s civilian government is just a facade for the world, and it is actually the Pak Army that calls the shots and runs the show. This is what Pakistan’s former envoy to the United States Hussain Haqqani meant when he said that Pakistan’s Army has “mastered the art of a non-coup coup.” While there is a prime minister and a government in place, all major decisions and policies in Pakistan are decided deceptively, “behind the curtain” by the army chief and Pakistan’s notorious spy agency ISI.

Explaining his remark, Mr Haqqani said, Pakistan’s Army knows “how to run affairs without actually taking over power directly…for this they use an assortment of Pakistani political characters and operators.”

Mr Haqqani spoke about Pakistan’s chaotic administration but singled out Pakistan’s evicted former prime minister Nawaz Sharif as not being one of those “operators”.

Mr Haqqani, who is currently a Director for South and Central Asia at the Hudson…

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