Written by Ishi Khosla
Published: January 13, 2018 12:41 am

Apart from foods, exercise is a key part of the Omni diet, which includes a detailed plan that starts with walking and works up to a full-body workout that takes 30 minutes a day.

The Omni diet was created by Tana Amen, a registered nurse and nutritional consultant. While battling digestive problems, constant infections, and even thyroid cancer, Tana discovered that healthy eating was the answer. As she researched how different foods interact with the body, she discovered that a diet, primarily plant based, held the cure for her ailments and thus, the Omni diet was born. In this diet, you will eat 70 per cent plant-based foods and 30 per cent protein-rich foods. The 70 per cent whole living plant foods provide disease-fighting nutrients and the 30 per cent high-quality protein…

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