NKorea's Kim expected to land in Singapore on Sunday

SINGAPORE: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is expected to fly into Singapore’s Changi airport on Sunday ahead of a high-stakes summit with US President Donald Trump, a source involved in the planning of the trip said on Friday.

Pictures of US military aircraft at nearby Paya Lebar air base, including a white-topped helicopter commonly used for transporting high-ranking US officials, were published in a newspaper on Friday.

Talks between the leaders on June 12 are expected to centre on ending the North’s nuclear weapons and missiles programmes in return for diplomatic and economic incentives.

Changi airport directed Reuters’ query to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. The Aviation Authority did not immediately have comment.

Neither delegation has made its travel plans public.

Media said Trump was likely to arrive at the Paya Lebar air base, where previous US presidents landed on visits to Singapore.

Since becoming the North’s leader in 2011, Kim has only taken one…

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