Neuroscientists decode brain of blind patient ‘who can see motion’

By: IANS | Toronto |
Updated: June 13, 2018 9:53:56 pm

The researchers found that Canning was able to recognise the motion, direction, size and speed of balls rolled towards her. (Image: Western University)

In an extremely rare case, neuroscientists have mapped the brain of a Scottish woman who is blind but has developed the remarkable ability to see objects in motion, an advance that reveals how visual and cognitive functions go together. Milena Canning, a 48-year-old Scottish woman, lost her sight 18 years ago after a respiratory infection and series of strokes. Months after emerging blind from an eight-week coma, she was surprised to see the glint of a sparkly gift bag, like a flash of green lightning.

To understand her unique vision, scientists at the Western University’s Brain and Mind Institute in Canada conducted tests including functional…

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