1. NASA captured images of the largest iceberg to split off from Antarctica
  2. The iceberg broke off from the Larsen C ice shelf
  3. The iceberg is close to the size of Delaware

NASA scientists have captured close-up images of a behemoth iceberg that in July detached from one of the largest floating ice shelves in Antarctica.

The iceberg is one of the largest in recorded history to split off from Antarctica, and is close to the size of Delaware, consisting of almost four times as much ice as the melting ice sheet of Greenland loses in a year.

“I was shocked, because we flew over the iceberg itself and it looks like it’s still part of the ice shelf, in terms of how large it is and the surface texture,” said Nathan Kurtz, a scientist with the NASA-led initiative Operation Icebridge, which traveled to Antarctica near the end of October to get a closer look at the iceberg.

“To see it fully detached, to see this massive block of ice floating out there,…

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