'MLA is with us', boasted Rajasthan mob, victim’s friend tells cops

MEWAT: “The MLA is with us, nobody can do anything to us. Put him (Rakbar) on fire.” These were the words used by the gau rakshaks who lynched Rakbar, his friend Aslam, an eyewitness who survived, said in his police complaint.

The local MLA is Gyandev Ahuja of BJP. He was the first to defend the gau rakshaks. Ahuja, however, rubbished the claim and said it was an attempt by corrupt cops to malign him.

On Sunday, police recorded the statement of Aslam, who gave the names of five attackers. So far, three have been arrested.

Cops pressured Aslam to give false statement: MLA

Aslam had accompanied Rakbar to Alwar to buy cows, and had seen a group of men following them on their way back.

According to his statement (a copy is with TOI), they were walking back with the two cows and two calves via village Lalwandi. On the way, a motorcycle crossed them. Its loud noise startled the cattle, which ran into cotton fields near the road. There were seven men in the fields, he said, of…

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