Mitashi 123.19 cm Ultra HD 4K Smart Curved LED TV (MiCE050v34 4KS) Review: Gimmick or greatness?

Written by Ameya Dalvi
| Mumbai |
Published: August 14, 2018 2:13:59 pm

Mitashi 48.5-inch Ultra HD 4K Curved Smart TV

Smart TVs have become a common thing these days with almost every known brand offering various models from 32-inch to upwards of 55-inches. Some of them also offer Ultra HD resolution, commonly referred to as 4K. Almost all those TVs have flat panel displays. Only premium brands like Samsung have ventured into curved displays for some of their high-end models. Mitashi has opted to dip its toes in that space with their curved 4K TV for a fraction of the Samsung price tag. Let’s see what it has to offer and how it performs.

Mitashi 123.19 cm Ultra HD 4K Smart Curved LED TV: Design, specifications and connectivity

This Mitashi Curved smart TV screen measures 123.19 cm or approximately 48.5-inches. The design is fairly…

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