Minorities Announce Boycott Of Pak Election


Even as political parties in Pakistan busied themselves with the last day of campaigning today, minority groups are all set to boycott the elections alleging non-inclusion in the electoral process, and religious hardliners dominating the election agenda.

The much-persecuted Ahmadis, a Muslim sect founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the 19th century, and the Christians earlier announced they would be boycotting the July 25 elections alleging that extremist groups have been fomenting hatred against them in Pakistan, Efe news reported.

In Pakistan, minority religions make up just four per cent of the 205 million population.

The Ahmadis have been protesting against being placed on a separate list of non-Muslim voters by the Election Commission, as per an amendment to the Constitution in 1974.

To register as a voter, they are also required to sign a declaration saying the sect”s founder, Ahmad, was not a Muslim seer but an imposter.

“In every democratic, civilised country, the right…

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