Mental healthcare is non-existent for LGBTQI community in India: Keshav Suri

Written by Sukanya Nandy
| New Delhi |
Updated: July 9, 2018 7:28:23 pm

Depression is a serious mental health disorder, especially among the LGBTQI community. (Source: Getty Images)

The word depression in itself is terrifying. One of the deadliest mental health disorder, it has been on a rise, especially among the LGBTQI community. In order to create mental healthcare awareness, Keshav Suri, executive director, The Lalit Group, who himself is a strong advocate of LGBTQI rights, recently collaborated with Dr Prasad Raj Dandekar, founder of HPQI (Health Professionals for Queer Indians).

“I am happy to collaborate with HPQI for an important cause, such as this and glad that Dr Prasad has taken the initiative to educate us all on this crucial subject. Over the years, I have realised that mental healthcare is non-existent for LGBTQI people…

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