Man Masturbates At Bengal Station, Woman Live Streams It On Facebook

West Bengal: 

A man who was masturbating on a platform at a railway station in West Bengal was shown live on Facebook by a woman inside a train. The train was about to leave the Bandel station when the man began to masturbate right outside the women’s compartment. The man escaped after the railways staff took notice.

The incident took place around 1.15 pm today when the Howrah-bound local arrived at the Bandel station. The man in his mid-50s made obscene gestures as some women looked away. 

Initially, the women didn’t protest as the train was about to leave the platform, but then a woman in her 20s decided to take charge. She pulled out her mobile phone and went live on Facebook. 

“These days everyone needs proof, so we decided to do a Facebook live. Let him do whatever he wants,” the woman says in the video.

Her courage encouraged others in the compartment to protest. Some of them inform the staff before getting back to the train.

The woman pulled out her mobile phone and went live on…

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