Maldives crisis: Indian military kept on standby

NEW DELHI: The Armed forces are on standby for any contingency in the Maldives, from evacuation of Indian tourists to military intervention in the archipelago, but there is no political directive to swing into action as yet.
Sources on Tuesday said the armed forces, which keep a close watch on “developments” in the entire neighbourhood, were “prepared for any eventuality” and “deployment at short notice”.

The Indian Navy always has a couple of warships on patrol on the western seaboard, which can be diverted to Maldives if required. “India also has some defence personnel in Maldives due to defence cooperation; our warships, aircraft and copters often patrol its exclusive economic zone,” a source said.

India had given Male military aid in 1988 via ‘Op Cactus’

India is also helping Maldives establish coastal surveillance radar system (CSRS) stations,” the source added. In any case, a certain number of troops, warships and aircraft are always kept…

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