Bonn:  In a major victory for India and other developing countries on pre-2020 climate actions, the developed world on Wednesday agreed to discuss the issue at the next two climate conferences in subsequent two years.

As part of the agreement that was reached at the UN Climate Change conference, Fiji, which is presiding over the conference named COP23, has also been asked to send letters to all the countries which are yet to ratify the Doha amendments to the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 to do so “as soon as possible”.

The developed countries have also been asked to give information by May 1 next year on the progress they have made on pre-2020 actions that relates to their obligations under the Kyoto Protocol that includes reduction of emissions and transfer of technology and finance.

India and the developing countries had been demanding since the start of the climate summit on November 6 that pre-2020 climate actions be included in the formal agenda of the…

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